Twitter Cards sometimes displays content, sometimes does not


Sometimes the tweet cards display fine, but a lot of the time the link is displayed with “view photo” but no image is displayed. For instance, today, all my tweet card pics that were previously displaying on my timeline no longer do so, despite those links all working fine in the validator. Is it possibly some time out issue with my server?


Similar problem here. Twitter cards were working fine - last seen 30th August (pages are good in the validator) however now not showing at all when tweeted. Similarly cards that were in timeline now appear as basic tweets? Is it a problem with our site or a twitter issue? All comments or advice welcome. Thank you.


They started working again… Ive emailed my hosting admins to see if there are an timeouts or things in the logs for the get url. Perhaps that will shed some light.


Just checked and mine are back as well. I also noted that the “Me” tab has returned. Makes me think that this was a twitter issue. Nothing has changed at my end.


Thanks for replying. We were experiencing some caching issues on our side. Thanks for being patient.

Also, sometimes it takes a couple minutes for our fetcher to pull info from your site. But I doubt that was the case here.