Twitter cards shutting down my wordpress site every time I tweet


I recently moved my website to a new host. Since I made the move, I’ve been having constant issues with the site doing down, and I realized that every time we tweet something with a link to our site, within 3 seconds our VPS server drops. It happens without fail. It took me forever to figure out what the link was with tweeting and our website… I disabled every single plugin and widget on our website, but the issue has remained. We don’t have a heavily trafficked website, so i knew it wasn’t simply a massive flow of new visitors when we tweet.

Then I remembered the twittercards. That’s the only link left between my wordpress site and twitter.

Tech support at my host has monitored my hosting account while I tweet, and said they can see the CPU load on the server skyrocket every time we tweet something. But they have no idea why it would be happening.

I don’t really understand what the issue could be, but I wanted to see if I might be able to get any recommendations of things to look at.

I’m running my twittercards through a plugin called Yoast SEO, but even when I turned off that option, and disabled the plugin (I even renamed the plugin folder to fully disable it), our site is still going down if we tweet a link to our site.

Any ideas??

If it helps, the website I’m talking about it, and our twitter account is @startupfashion