Twitter cards showing wrong image on iOS



Twitter’s iOS app is showing the wrong images for all the cards. It is showing the logo from App Store of the app instead of the content. Here are the tweets that show up incorrectly on iOS app:

Product Card
Gallery card
Here are the screenshots for those:
Image 2


Hi @cpungaliya, I’m not sure what may be causing this issue, but given our recent deprecation announcement for Product and Gallery Cards, I would suggest switching your meta tags to use the Summary Card with Large Image instead. Consider changes such as these:


<meta content="product" name="twitter:card" />
<meta content="$15.0 USD" name="twitter:data1" />
<meta content="Price" name="twitter:label1" />
<meta content="Wet Seal" name="twitter:data2" />
<meta content="Brand" name="twitter:label2" />


<meta content="summary_large_image" name="twitter:card" />
<meta content="Green Wet Seal Dress" name="twitter:title" />
<meta content="Green Wet Seal Dress by Wet Seal - $15.0 USD" name="twitter:description" />