Twitter Cards: Re-crawal Needed


How often does twitter recrawl a site? My sitename should be @wangpost but it was @jetpack earlier. Twitter has crawled the site and now no matter what I do the sitename is stuck.

Support questions:

  1. How often will my site be recrawled or is it going to be saved forever? (That’s not okay - bad form on @jetpack also twitter needs to support recrawl). Need to update site name urgently.

  2. Is there a place to resubmit site for crawl (like google sitemap?)

  3. Is the a place to reset cache like facebook open graph debugger?

However you can allow developers to trigger recrawl, please please tell us.


Hi Jane,

Twitter re-indexes the Cards information roughly every week. If you want to clear the cache earlier, a technique consists in tweeting a or link to your page (it can be on a testing account only). This will tell Twitter to fetch the page again immediately.

More information on Twitter Cards troubleshooting: