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I am getting an error now with my cards. They were working great for the site, but all of a sudden stopped working as of the last few days. I just did a preview and this is the error it gave me:
“Looks like something is technically wrong. Please try again in a few minutes.”

I have tried multiple times to update and make sure all of our meta tags are properly in-place and setup exactly as they should be. The only change I made recently was to the original meta og:description we had, it was set to name=" instead of property=". After changing that to what it should be, it seemed to have stopped working.

Not sure what the issue is, but would love to see if I can get this figured out since it’s throwing back “something is technically wrong”. Thank you!


Here you go,

Really looking forward for solution of 406 errors, at least a path what we should do… Twitter bot can not fetch images…



I’m wondering whether an approved domain will allow * or only the applied domain name?

I applied for but recently have implemented twitter cards on my main site at Should I re-apply for validation? (the has not been validated yet)


Did you check with the preview tool?

It’s a good way to troubleshoot issues.


You should resubmit with *

Also make sure everything works before, using to test (if the example URLs you submit have incorrect markup, you will be rejected).


Earlier this evening, I received an automated e-mail from Twitter, stating, “Your [sic] submitted a request for to be included in Twitter Cards. Unfortunately we determined that your application was incomplete and needs to be resubmitted,” and suggesting that I try the preview tool at

When I use the preview tool, with as the “media URL”, I keep receiving the error

* Our fetcher fails to fetch image at URL
* HTTP response code: 406.

despite the fact that the image at that URL comes up in my browser without issues. The image is also well within the 120x120px and 60x60px requirements.

Stranger still, if I remove the valid URL from my meta tags and replace it with an invalid URL (ie a URL leading to an image that does not exist), the preview tool successfully generates a card (ie there is no error message as above), except that there is a tiny “404” message in the image square.

Am I doing something wrong, or is there some sort of error in the preview tool?


Thanks, I’ve resubmitted my application with * as the domain name.

By the way, I want to confirm something. For summary type twitter cards, the twitter card description can be substituted by open graph description right? Meaning that if I have an open graph description(og:description), twitter card description (twitter:description) is no longer necessary?

I’ve tested with the preview tool and it works as expected, but I’d like to confirm this.


Yes, I did, I even stated in the second paragraph exactly what the preview tool states. It gives me the error: “Looks like something is technically wrong. Please try again in a few minutes.” I’ve updated, reconfigured, duplicated our tags 100 different ways. I’ve tried previewing at night, in the morning, different URLs, nothing. Always the EXACT same error “Looks like something is technically wrong.” This seems to be an internal twitter issue, as I’ve confirmed the tags and everything else is 100% setup correctly on our site - but it’s still not working. :confused:

Any help with this? Something seems broken and there’s nothing else I can do. I’ve tried everything. It was working fine, then all of a sudden stopped. I’ve even tried reverting back yet no luck at all.


Hello i just got an email from Twitter telling me that my website is supported but there’s an error in the domain name.
The approved one is : etudiant-metz.infp
The correct one is :
Could you please help out ?


-Our fetcher fails to fetch image at URL
-HTTP response code: 406.

Not sure, what is the problem. The link has correct tags and also the image exists.


I should note that since writing the message above, I have placed my image on a different server and amended my meta tags to point to the new server. The preview tool successfully pulls the image from the new server and renders the card. It appears to me that the Twitterbot is not properly configured to work with Microsoft-IIS/6.0 servers.


Hey guys,

I’m trying to get in touch with the twitter support team but I’m having a hard time getting through so I’m posting my issue here.

I just received the email authorizing my url ( | @IrasWorld) for the twitter cards.
However I’ve submitted only for twitter player and the code implemented inside the head of the index page for is working properly according to the card preview tool.
So I don’t understand what happened here, I’ve asked to be approved for player card and I’m being approved for summary & photos ?
I’ve re-applied once more but would you please mind helping me with this please ?




Yes, that is correct. You can omit some Twitter specific tags if you the have OG equivalent in your markup.


Your problem was not specific to the type of server but more about the robots.txt rules of the server. See more details at


Fixed now (it was my error).


This looks like a bug on our side, it seems the OG tags are the one that are used to render the cards, the Twitter:Tags should have precedence. I will report this to the engineering team. Might take a while before it’s fixed but we are working on it.


I’m not sure I understand your answer at all !
Are you sure you are answering me ?


Thank you very much.
There seems to be a character encoding issue :

Any idea ?


Sorry for the tech mumbo jumbo. Let me try again:

It looks like you did what you had to do on your side correctly.

The fact that it does not works makes me think we (Twitter) have a bug when some conditions are present, like in your page HTML source.

Does this make more sense?