Twitter Cards Pulling Wrong Information


So I made a nameserver change on my website but Twitter cards keep pulling info from the old server. Any new posts I make on my up-to-date site is ignored but old posts that were made earlier, before the dns change, still work. And if I go back and edit on the old server via localhost, Twitter cards acknowledge those changes. But that server isn’t accessible via my actual domain anymore though.

So obviously, Twitter has their own DNS, my question is how long it takes for it to update? Or if it’s even updated on a regular basis? Has been a couple of days now, the regular 24-48 hours doesn’t seem to be the case for twitter.

Anyone know how long it will/can take?


Cards in particular can take about 7 days to refresh due to our caching.


That’s not really the issue I think. Because if I make a completely new post on my updated nameservers, it doesn’t even pull it. If I however make a new post using localhost on my old server, Twitter is able to pull a card from those even though my domain is no longer attached to those nameservers.
So it’s a DNS problem rather than cache. I can still edit the cards and see immediate result as long as I edit them on my old server, which again, is no longer accessible via my actual domain name.