Twitter Cards - problems with validation


Hi there,
I’m trying to get Twitter Cards working for but at the moment I’m having no luck with the validator.

I’m currently using SEO Yoast on my Wordpress and have Twitter Cards enabled in the settings but it still says Metatags not found on the validator. Any suggestions?



Hi guys,
I don’t suppose anybody can help with this? Still getting the no metatags message on the validator.


So I’m seeing some strange things on my side. The validator is sometimes indicating a timeout connecting to your site (although it loads fine for me using a browser or curl). Another tool I’m using is indicating an HTTP 406 “Not acceptable” error. When the page is fetched successfully by the validator, I get the “no tags found” error you’re reporting.

Very strange.

Can I ask you to temporarily try disabling the W3 Total Cache plugin? I wonder if something weird is happening there.

The other thing I see in the page is that you’re trying to use a summary large image card, but there’s no image tag there. Even when we get the issue with the “missing” tags with the validator sorted out, we need to fix that as well.


Thanks Andy. I’ve deactivated the W3 plugin which seems to have fixed the error so the site can be fetched now. I just need to sort the metatags now. I’m using SEO Yoast which does have an option for Twitter cards (including summary large image) but it doesn’t seem to do much. Sorry I’m not the most techy of people.


Not a problem - glad to have helped, but of guesswork on my side involved :slight_smile:


Sorry, not quite fixed it :sob:
It still says no metatags however when I check the source code using Google Chrome it looks like all the text is there. Bit stumped at this.


Argh… Will take another look this pm but also a bit stumped…