Twitter Cards Preview Broken?


I’m trying to preview my card data to make sure it’s right using the preview ability on this page:

The URL I am trying to use is: (still in the very early testing stages :wink: )

It keeps saying:
“Looks like something is technically wrong.
Please try again in a few minutes.”

Does that mean my card data isn’t right or something is actually broken with the previewer?



I’m wondering the same thing. When I copy and paste the meta code into the box the preview works fine, but when I give it the actual URL I get the same error message you do. I don’t know if there’s something wrong with the metadata in my link or with the preview tool.


Same issue here. I don’t want to apply and be rejected if it is indeed some issue with my site. PS, Mirrorgram is neat.


Same issue hear. I am allowing head requests. Can’t figure it out…I am also not a coder. But I am learning, and so far everything looks to be as it should.