Twitter cards only on some Tweets


I’m having an issue where only some posts to our Twitter feed have card data showing up. All posts we put on Twitter have valid meta data fields, but only some seem to generate card info in our feed. I have tried both Summary Large Image and Photo (currently using Photo).

Posts with card data:

Posts without:

Our account/site was been validated a long time ago.

Thank you,



Hi Screen Rant, the first two statuses you mentioned are showing photos because a photo was manually attached to the tweet when posting. None of the four tweets are actually using cards meta tags. This is because you’ve been approved for “summary” cards and these pages are using “summary_large_image” cards. Simply submit one of these four articles to the validator to request approval for this new card type ( You should note that a manually attached photo will always trump attaching a card. If you have any further questions, please let me know!