Twitter cards not working when domain is capitalized


I have been approved for summary cards on domain

Many of our users create links such as - note that our domain has been capitalized for the ‘Q’, ‘M’ and ‘D’

It appears that links like work great and have cards rendering properly in your validator:

However, many of our users link with our domain capitalized, eg This page renders fine, but in the validator I get the error "* not approved"

When I click on “Request Approval”, website twitter username is a required field but greyed out, so I can’t fill it out:

I get the error:
Error Encountered
Something went wrong and your request to be added to the whitelist failed. Please try again.
Reason: is not a valid screen name


Any ideas how to get this fixed?

Help would be much appreciated.


I am getting exactly the same issue. Have posted on other support threads about this and even emailed twitter support directly, but no response/help. To be honest, Twitter support appears to simply not give a s***.


This looks fixed, for anyone still playing along at home. I tested the above URLs in the Card Validator and both capitalizations of the URL work.