Twitter cards not working on blog


I have a blog which has Twitter cards enabled by default. However, twitter cards do not work. I have tried posting a link in the twitter card preview and that doesn’t work either. I’ve asked a question on wordpress help and so far no one has come up with a reply. Any ideas?


Hi Fran!

Can you provide a URL so I can look more closely?




Hi Ryan

The URL is



It looks like there are no twitter cards on that site. Perhaps you need to install a Wordpress plugin for twitter cards.

Here’s one on the wordpress site:
And many others:


I’m not on, I’m on where you can’t install plugins. is supposed to enable twitter cards by default and other people I know who blog on get the twitter card (a selection of four photos from their site) in their tweets without they’re having to do anything to make it happen.


It appears that the root site ( does not have cards, but the individual entries do. Try submitting the below to the validator, and then all your other pages (non-root) should work:


Thanks, I’ve done that and will wait for a response.

By the way, someone has spammed this thread.


I’ve got my Twitter Card validation through and when I posted today the Twitter Card worked. Thanks for your help.


Glad to hear that. And thanks for following up!


Hello Ryan Choi, Fran Pickering,

I have the same problem on my blog:
I’ve added the meta html for the summary card on my last article (about Nirvana), and seems to not work…

Would you please help me?

Thanks a lot,



Please be sure to tweet the URL of the blog entry, not the root blog.

This seemed to work for me:


Thanks for your response Ryan,

I always took the URL of the chosen article. I have mentionned the root adress to let you check if something goes wrong somewhere on the blog.

After writing the Sample Embed Code, I do not see my tweet with a card added :frowning:

If you could explain me what I’m supposed to do once the validator has approved my card, it would be great :))

Thanks a lot for your time,



Thanks @SoundPlug_Prod.

I tweeted this URL:

It showed summary metadata information. So you should be good to go. Please try tweeting that same URL and checking the card, and then reply here if you have other issues.


Hi Ryan,

Thanks for the answer, but it seems to doesn’t work.
Only the url link is visible…without any card :frowning:



I just tried to validate cards for – hosted on – using this URL:

That URL validated just fine here on the backend, but I instantly received this email:

“The URL you provided for to use the summary card did not validate. Please make sure the page contains valid metadata, then reapply for a Twitter card. Thanks for your patience. See you soon!”

Now what?

Please advise.


Hi David,

Your image is here:

Your says:

User-agent: *
Disallow: /called/

You may need to update that for it to work.



Hi, My twitter card also does not seem to be working. I have installed a Plugin and validated a page and even got confirmation.

“We’ve activated the summary card for
If you want to use other kinds of Twitter cards (and we know you do), please make another request.”

…still not showing…


Hi Ryan!

I’ve been trying to add the open graphs to my posts on twitter, but every time I try to get my site validated it says ‘‘not approved’’ and the only red circles that appear in the list of standard tags are the “standard tags” and the “twitter:description,” which I cannot explain because I installed and activated a twitter card plugin, but it just doesn’t seem to work.
Can you help me?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Ryan,

I ve been trying to validate my twitter card, it says invalid url. Please help. My url is


Hi, the reason that the validator says “invalid card type” when you try to validate it is that you do not have any Cards markup on the page.