Twitter Cards not working on my blog site


hi guys can you help me?

i have implement Twitter card on my site but when try to shared, the twiiter card not showing.
this one the link you can check

and this one the url of screenshoot from view source from my site.

thanks in advanced for help.


@froginthevalley can you help me?


I suspect it might be a bug with the twitter:title

Can you try it again without the & # 0 3 9 ;


hi @ froginthevalley i just update content for meta name=“twitter:title” but still not working when shared to twiiter.

i just try to shared another post, still twitter card summary not working.

this one screenshoot from my timeline


hi @froginthevalley can you help me why this twitter card still doesnt work?

please… and thanks in advance


@froginthevalley How much time does it take for Twitter card approval? It has been 3 weeks since we applied for player card approval.


Would it work on a WordPress blog? I don’t have any Apple devices…would validation still work?