Twitter cards not working on ipad



Hope someone can help me, I’ve been doing the scripting for and noticed that when we are sharing the link to our website on twitter the Summary Card doesn’t display the image but will everything else, we have had the cards validated and on whitelist for about 8months now and the weirdest thing of all is that the normal twitter website, twitter mobile and iPhone apps all show the image but only the iPad app doesn’t!!

Am I doing something weird in my scripting?? I had to remove the ‘twitter:image’ tag as that wasn’t working on any portal but when we revered it back to the og:image tag it has been fine but it still doesn’t work on the iPad app.

Please help!!

Thanks Rob


Happy to help. When I go to that page, I don’t see any tags. It looks like there might be Iframes, so if you can give a specific URL, I can dig deeper.

My initial guess is that the image you are providing does not meet our minimum size requirements, but without seeing it I can’t tell.

I would try a bigger image, and if that doesn’t work, posting here with more information.


Twitter and og:tags work fine through validator

Image is a thumbnail produced by Google as it’s in blogger


As a first pass, i see the og:image as:

This image is below our size restrictions. (Sorry the validator does not note this.)

If you can specify a larger image size (either using og:image or ideally with twitter:image) it should render as a Card with the image.

Hope this helps,