Twitter cards not working for website: HttpConnectionTimeout error?


I’ve been trying to get twitter cards up and running on a new website, but have been consistently getting this message from the validator, and they have not been showing up in tweets:

“ERROR: Failed to fetch page due to: HttpConnectionTimeout”

I contacted my site’s hosting service and they weren’t blocking anything like Twitter’s IP or ASNUM. I’ve tried a bunch of different meta tag setups as well (that seem to be working on other sites), but to no avail. I’ve tried googling around but haven’t been able to find any other solutions either.

Any help anyone could provide would be appreciated.

(Here’s a url: )


From what I can see this is a network issue of some kind - I can grab your markup from my laptop, but the crawler is seeing a network timeout. I’m not sure where the issue might lie if the host is not blocking the IP range.


Thanks for the quick reply.

But, dang. I guess that leaves me out of luck then, unless my host was mistaken about not having anything Twitter-related blocked?


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