Twitter Cards Not Working Even After Approval


Hi, I’ve followed the documentation for Twitter cards and despite my request for whitelisting being approved (and receiving an email from twitter) none of the card features are working at all. I share the link via Twitter and just get the link.

Also, Twitter have ‘hidden’ some of their documentation on some topics such as this page: and at least three card types are missing from the official documentation. I’m having difficulty seeing how this is helpful to end devs.

Anyone manage to get this feature working at all? What else do I need to do once the card has been approved successfully?

Thanks for any help!



Twitter Website Cards are a part of Twitter Ads, this is a paid service for advertising your Website. You create the Card during the campaign creation on, there you can write the Tweet to which you want the Website Card to be attached to, and upload the Image and write the description for the Website Card itself.


Hi @Rugsandbeyond, I got the same problem, the website is approved but it’s not showing the card.

Site: (@rugsandbeyond)


It seems to work fine here:

Note that you have to click the “Show summary” link in order to view the card.