Twitter Cards: Not Whitelisted


Receiving a WARN: Not whitelisted error on a summary card. I understand these sites should be automatically whitelisted if the tags are valid, and I believe we have valid tags on the site. Any ideas why we’re seeing issues?



There are no twitter:card meta tags on your page.


Odd, Andy - I’m now seeing the same thing. I suspect it may be that the tags are only visible from within our own network, as I can confirm they were indeed there when I made this post. Now that I’m home and off the network, I’m no longer seeing the tags.

I’ll have to investigate why this is the case Monday.


Andy - I’ve been able to confirm that the twitter tags are displaying both within our network and outside of it. However, I’m still seeing the same whitelisting error. Any idea?


I’ve just followed the view-source link again and I still don’t see any twitter:card markup. Also tried retrieving using curl -A Twitterbot and there’s nothing different.