Twitter Cards - 'Not Whitelisted' error


I’ve got Twitter Cards on my blog, these were working before but on trying to validate I’m now getting a Not whitelisted error.

The tags on the page all seem okay, and are as generated by the Yoast plugin:

However, this is the output I get:

Seems it only ‘sees’ two of the tags, and then get the whitelisting error.

Any reason or ideas on how I can fix?


I have the exact same error, using Yoast, I think it’s a fairly common issue but still no resolution or reply.

If you check your data on Google’s structured data checking tool it should show the meta tags being generated by Yoast so I think the issue is with Twitter and not you.


The tags seems fine, indeed. Something I noticed is that you have a huge head section with a lot of stuff so it might be possible that Twitter only fetches the first X bytes and therefore your card meta tags are cut-off. You could try to move them more to the top in the head section, if you can.


This has now been resolved, was a temporary issue with Wordpress where the blog was only accessible when I was logged in as admin, otherwise served blank pages. So the Cards are now being generated fine.