Twitter cards not validating or sharing today


Hi Guys,

I have an urgent project due for sign off. The page I’m working on shares some twitter cards. Ive tested these before and they all worked perfectly. I recently made a new set and added them but they dont validate and ONLY text displays on the twitter feed.

Does anybody know if twittercards are inactive today or currently?

Here is the url shared through twitter:

And the link used to share:


Thanks in advance


Grabbing your page using curl -A Twitterbot results in hitting a 301 redirect. I don’t know whether this is the issue, but the Cards Validator is unable to render a preview. I can confirm that your domain has approval for photo cards, so this is the only thing I can think of off the top of my head.


Thanks Andy,

Even with the redirect meta removed the validator is still showing “Internal server error”. Is it an internal error, or am I overlooking something?

Thanks in advance


Your markup looks good to me (although there’s no robots.txt file in place for the site). I’m not 100% sure what else could be causing the error.


Could this just simply be an error on Twiiter’s end?


I just tested it from another domain. It was working very well yesterday and now I dont have a clue what’s going on. Please advise.

Thanks in advance.


Hey @parttimepoet, just wanted to confirm what Andy has posted above. There’s no robots.txt file found here: Without this, we are unable to crawl your domain for the image, which causes the rendering issue. If you need some assistance with adding a robots.txt file, please see this page:


Hi thanks for the reply.

To my knowledge, no robots file is needed as I am not disallowing any crawling.

However I have now added a robots.txt file containing:

User-agent: Twitterbot

User-agent: *

Nothing seems to have changed. As I said, Twitter cards did function perfectly from this site a day ago.

Any additional advice would greatly be appreciated!