Twitter cards not updating content


Hello Team,
I have dynamic content and every time creating dynamic pages.
For every new page I never get image loaded, but when I check this in twitter card validator then it shows image and when I refresh my post it shows image. What is the problem here? or every time I have to check this in validator?

Please help me asap.



Did you check the Troubleshooting Guide around old content being displayed? It is probably because your Card is being cached (for 7 days).


Yes, I checked it, but just need confirmation about new pages which will be created dynamically, will show image and updated content, like I used tripdaddy as creator but original is tripdaddyco and I changed it afterwords, but it shows tripdaddy only.

No need to check new contents everytime on card validator?



There’s no need to use the Validator once your site is whitelisted, you can just Tweet out the link.