Twitter cards not showing up even after approval



I activated a summary card for by website ( and I checked it through the validator too. It shows correctly. But it’s not showing up in the actual stream.

Here’s a link to such a tweet:

Can you kindly guide.


Hi I validate summary card with my web but not showing strim why this happened is anyone have solutions


Same problem here with My twitter card was approved last week and its all green on card validator. I don’t see any picture or description when i tweet. Only the Title and the url address.


I cannot see any twitter cards markup in your web site, can you share a specific link where you think the metadata is available?


looks like most of the meta tags are currently commented out on your site. Can you point me to a link to a page on your site where you think a card should be showing up?

#6 i pest twitter button on my web please help me i change my username


@andypiper sir on my web only link of follow me exhibited ,
And i also made apps name Advocate Journey id-1666665212 when i try , access denied
Now i feel i waist my precious time in twitter may this side verify account through there paid agent ,i person like me who are genuin and waist time here with developers under impression that something wrong in account blah blah


Hi Gopal, there are a few things here…

  1. looks like you have pasted a couple of our website twitter buttons into your page. One of them is “Tweet to @support” which is one of our Twitter accounts - not sure why you believe this is useful on your site, it might be better to make it Tweet to @gopalyadao instead. It looks like the buttons have lost their styling, so maybe you haven’t got all the tags you need in there.

  2. There is no need to “verify account through there paid agent” so I am not sure what this means?

  3. This thread is about Twitter Cards, which are a feature enabling you to display additional data in your tweets. You do not have any meta markup in your page to enable the use of cards, so that is why I asked you previously to clarify that.


Thanks sir i


of course,
i have 3 social buttons , next to youtube video.
The other two are working.




Hi Max, I see that your twitter:site and twitter:creator tags are empty. Although these validate, this scenario causes rendering issues. You will need to either fill these in or not include the tags if there are no values. This is a known issue that engineering should be fixing shortly.


It looks like we are getting a “403 - Forbidden: Access is denied” error. Is this site not accessible from the US?


Ok, i have removed twitter:site and twitter:creator tags. I hope they are gonna fix this issue soon.