Twitter cards not showing for website


I have a website at I use to be able to post any url and Twitter would create a card (or summary) for it. This no longer happens. I noticed this issue happening around a certain time frame. I just went back to those tweets that at one time I know had the card and now they are gone from those tweets. These cards really help with engagement and bringing people to our site. Does anyone know what can be causing this? It started happening about a month ago. Is it a bug with Twitter? I know they just had a new update fairly recently.

When I put the url into card validator, I get an error message saying “not whitelisted” and no card preview is generated.


There have been no Twitter updates related to cards within the past 30 days.

Did you check through the troubleshooting post and steps? Thank you


None of those steps seemed to help. I’m just a little confused on why it use to automatically do it without any issues and now it doesn’t. At the same time, I do understand there is something I could have changed or installed on my website to cause this.

I would like to post my articles to Twitter and I present two examples below. Example 1 is actually showing the summary card (although I prefer the “Summary Card with Large Image”) and example 2 shows no card. The HTML formatting across both pages should be similar as the format is suppose to be the same.



I have tried implementing meta tags like into the page and that doesn’t seem to help (maybe it takes a while to update?)

Is there something in the HTML of the page that is preventing the card from populating.



Sorry, the meta tag wouldn’t show, but here is what I was talking about: “twitter:card” content=“summary_large_image”


In both cases you’ve got summary cards defined. There’s definitely something odd with the second page, as I can see summary card tags there but nothing is rendering. It could be something to do with caching, I’m not certain. Also, it looks like the pages have the card definition in there twice - are you using more than one Wordpress plugin?