Twitter Cards Not Showing, Error: Fetching the page failed because the response is too large



Hello everyone, im finishing a web app. i’m trying to correct the meta tags for facebook and twitter sharing. Facebook sharing works fine, and i’m generating the twitter meta tags correctly, but when i share in twitter, card doesn’t show. i don’t know why. i passed the link by the validator and the only error i get is:

ERROR: Fetching the page failed because the response is too large.

Possible errors that i read in other forums and probles but is not my case:

  • My page is not larger than 1MB
  • No special characters in title, description, etc
  • Different image sizes, larger and smaller than the original, but same result
  • Trim title and description to make it smaller

One of the links that i would like to share


The HTTP header is larger than 8192 bytes - probably because of all the Set-Cookie directives that are returned from your server. I traced out out using curl -v -A Twitterbot and the headers do see to be too large for the crawler to handle.


Thanks for your reply!

Any idea how to solve it?


I imagine it would be something you’d need to configure in your web server, but I’ve no idea what that would be, sorry.


Solved it! just a error in my php code that create cookie sessions, I really apreciate your help! Thank you VERY much!


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