Twitter cards not showing despite validation



I’m going round in circles a little here so I was hoping you could help.

I set up Twitter cards earlier this year but I don’t think the summary card has ever shown. I simply get the owly link and a link saying Vew Summary. But I want the image from the post I’m linking to to show in my timeline.

Can you see if I’ve done something wrong?

I use the Yoast SEO plugin rather than add the meta manually as advised in this post

I also use the bulk upload feature on Hootsuite to schedule posts - but even if I don’t - like the Tweet in posted at 84.44 this morning, it doesn’t show.



Twitter cards, including Summary cards, do not show in timelines by default, and require users to hit the View Summary link.

Looking at this tweet of yours I can certainly see the summary card with large image showing, so I think you’ve got everything set up correctly. You may want to contact the author of the Yoast plugin to see whether than can double check your settings, but this looks like things are working correctly to me.


Hello Andy,

Thanks for your reply, and apologies for taking so long to reply to yours!

Can you tell what @Moz are doing differently to me (I wanted to post a link but this system isn’t allowing me to) - as they always seem to have images showing in their timelines by default?

Many thanks,


Looks like that account is posting native images to Twitter along with their tweets - if you upload media with a Tweet then the image will appear in the timeline.