Twitter Cards Not Displaying


This is Amy (works with Jeff and Cassie above). Let me know if there is anyone else we should reach out to for support as well. We’re concerned since this issue has been going on for a few weeks. We have removed the Twitter buttons on our site for now until this is resolved, and we’re unable to launch Twitter Ads until this is resolved.


Thanks, I’ll continue to raise this with the cards team.


I wanted to see if you can pass along to your developers this question:

This appears NOT to work despite it being a standard set of robots.txt directives:

User-agent: Twitterbot
Allow: /sites/default/files/styles/*
Disallow: /sites/
User-agent: *
Disallow: /

This DOES appear to work despite it allowing Twitterbot access to everything on our site which we clearly do not want:

User-agent: Twitterbot
User-agent: *
Disallow: /

The above are testing robots.txt and not on our production where our production robots.txt has many more Disallow directives to tag a number of paths as disallowed. We would like to be able to keep our current Allow path followed by Disallow path as per the first entry above since it keeps the same block for all robots AND since it is what we’ve had all along and that USED to work just fine with Twitter and still works fine with every other popular share tool (Facebook, G+, Pinterest, etc).


We’ve been continuing to investigate this, and our crawler attempts to follow Google’s robots.txt specification closely.

There are potentially some issues here between the order of precedence between wildcard and non-wildcard paths between group members.

The reference for this is

I don’t have a resolution from our side at this stage.


Hi Andy,

Please let us know when you all have a resolution for this. We’re anxious to get our Twitter share back on our site and we would like to have our images displaying ASAP.


Hi Andy,

Just wanted to check in on this – is there anything we can do to help test out a solution? We would really prefer not to allow the Twitterbot to access everything on our site, but we need to figure out this issue ASAP.

We have a big Twitter presence and host Twitter chats often, and we’d really like to bring the Twitter share icons back to our site.



Hey Cassie - the team are re-checking how we handle the robots.txt rules right now. I really appreciate your frustration here! I’m doing what I can to move this along positively. I’ll share what I can when I have news :slight_smile:


Hi Andy,

I just wanted to check in again on this issue. We’re about to launch a series of Twitter chats, ones that receive a lot of tweets and shares, and we’d really like our images to start displaying. Is there any temporary fix we can do, that does not open all of our site to Twitter via robots?


Hi Andy,

We’re thinking of removing our so we can bring our Twitter social icons back and allow our users to share from our site again. Do you have any updates? We really do not want to do this, but our social numbers dropped tremendously this month and we’re very concerned about getting this problem fixed.


Thanks for all your patience!

I’ve just tried one of your links again, and it seems to share properly with the large image. Can you confirm?


Hi Andy,

I’ve tested over 10 links and all seem to be working correctly. Do you know what happened to make the switch to have our images display again? We’d like to avoid this happening in the future if possible.


Yes - I raised the differences in robots.txt parsing with the backend team, so hopefully this is now resolved. It does not appear to have been completely specific to your site. Apologies again for the issue you faced here.


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