Twitter cards not appearing in timeline & couldn't find 'Approval' link



Hi All,

We enabled twitter cards in our pages, but when tweeted it just shows the URL of the articles in tweet timeline with a ‘View Summary’ link. Can we get the summary directly displayed in the timeline ?
It looks very odd to just have an URL in the tweet and search for ‘view summary’ to check the enitre tweet.

We read in the forum to use card validator to get our domain approved, but in we just see a input field to post & preview our URL - no options for submitting an approval request.

Can someone help. Thanks in advance.


Looks good to me.


Yes, it looks perfectly alright in validator.
And the preview card is also just fine here - with the image, article title & a short desc.

But the issue is, when we tweet this article, it doesn’t resemble the preview card in the timeline. It just shows the URL. Only on click of ‘view summary’ link, it shows the image, title and desc.


On the web right now, you’ll see the view summary link to expand the card. Take a look in the iOS and Android apps, the card should show auto expanded there. At the moment there’s no way to have the card expanded on the web by default.


Thanks a ton. This resolved one of the mystery for us.

Other one is - when we directly tweet an article (without checking in validator) we don’t see the ‘View Summary’ link in its tweet.

Only after using the validator service for each tweeted url, we see the view summary link.

Is there a way to get that link automatically enabled for all articles by default ?


It should be enabled for your domain as a whole, so unless you’re talking about different domains and maybe subdomains, I’m surprised that this is the case?


We tried few tweets in the same domain. Any article here in this following domain picks ‘View Summary’ only after i validate them manually.

For example,
Can you try tweeting this one - i haven’t validated this yet.


Along with my previous query on ‘View Summary’ link,
We have twitter:site & twitter:creator meta tags to show @verizon as the tweeter’s handle. But still the tweet shows ‘’ in the footer of the tweet / preview card.

Can you please help resolving this.

#10” is taken from the URL that is shared.

The twitter:site does not display, but enables card analytics for the user account defined.


Thanks for your response.

  • In web, is there a way to get an article’s title (along with its URL) in timeline ?
  • To show the Twitter handle as ‘@verizon’ in a tweet’s footer (instead of site’s domain) what should we do ?


We are currently running experiments for in timeline on the web, so hold tight on that. We have no dates to provide at this time.

There is no option to change the footer text. This ensures that the user always knows what the Card is linking to. This way a malicious developer could not impersonate @verizon, for example.

You could add the @username to the title or description, however.