Twitter cards meta shows valid but twitter will not display the image or validate



Description of issue:
I have tested every way I can think of but cannot get the card validator to work, or twitter to pull the image. I tested with Iframely and all the info and pic is there. I can curl the site as the twitter bot and it appears to crawl just fine.
It is all posts on the site, but below is the newest.

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I have Curled the site, tried the validator, verified my SSL is good, verified the meta tags are present and other tests. The validator only says “ERROR: Fetching the page failed because other errors.” with no other info. I see no errors when crawling or using other testing sites.
Any advice would be appreciated to help fix this.


I’m seeing an SSL issue internally but I’m not able to understand why, since ssllabs seems to think things are OK. Looking into it.


What issue are you seeing? I have others sites running the same exact config and server, Twitter has no issue with them though. When curling as Twitterbot I didn’t see no issue with the SSL either.


Sorry for the delay on this, Dan.

It turns out that there is a mismatch in ciphers our crawler uses and ciphers your server supports. If you want to fix this issue on your side, you can inspect the incoming TLS traffic to obtain the ciphers presented. Otherwise, we might have a fix within a few months.

This recent issue may or may not be related.

ERROR: Fetching the page failed because other errors

Hey. I’ve just been talking with our engineering team and we shipped and update that makes the cards validator a little more flexible.

I’m seeing that this page now validates, although the image may still be an issue you’d want to look into. I can confirm the SSL stuff is now no longer an issue. Thanks!