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Over the last weekend, I installed Twitter Cards on my Blogger blog, however, when I post a link to a post on Twitter, the preview image seems a bit blurry. A few examples are these Tweets:

When I open the image in a new tab, I get a URL such as

However, the actual image size displayed is much smaller. In the above example, the image is 392x205.

The code I’m using is:

I’m a novice at Twitter Cards, and have no idea what to change. The top META tag already says ‘summary_large_image’.

Update - I think I know whats happening. For some reason, Twitter is picking up the thumbnail image. Is it possible for Twitter to get the actual sized image the thumbnail links to?

Thank-you. :slight_smile:


If you want to use the image that is referred to by data:view.featuredImage then try changing the value of the tag to twitter:image (from twitter:image:src). It’s possible that your blog isn’t providing data:view.featuredImage, so it is falling back to the value of og:image, which seems to be a Nickelodeon logo. (it has been a long time since I’ve configured Blogger tags so I might be forgetting how this works)


Hi @andypiper

I tried changing the tag you suggested, and also tried removing the og:image, but it didn’t make any different. :confused:

I think the way Blogger handles images may be confusing the handler. Blogger displays a small image, which links to the actual image. It seems like the image displayed, which is already cropped, is the one that Twitter is using.

Searching the forum, I found this post Blurry images with Twitter cards and Blogger

I’m wondering whether that would be a better way for me to implement the tags? If so, is there a way to add a fallback og:image tag, so that if I tweet a link to my homepage, which doesn’t have a featured image (that’s why I included the og:image tag in the code I’m using at the moment), it can display a image, instead of the generic folder icon that Twitter uses?

Update - I tried switching the code, but nothing changed. :confused:


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