Twitter Cards: I have a problem, help me!


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#2 here’s a post that is having a problem. My site ( ) had been approved last week and i don’t see twitter card working. Same as Photo card.


I just checked, I saw you had applied for both and and the second one was not approved (yet). Works now.

This is a common problem, if you are serving both from and, I suggest applying for * to make sure you have all you bases covered.


My photo cards are showing up as summary cards:

This should be a photo but is showing up as a summary… view the meta data of the url which is:

In the preview tool and on twitter it shows up as a summary card. When I take just the meta data and plug it into the preview tool, it shows up correctly.


I’m having the same issue, our site is approved “” but still no cards support!
One of the tweet examples here:
Can you help please?


What meta data are you pasting in? I just tried with

And it wouldn’t even render (that’s weird).


I just checked, I saw you had applied for (and not for sub domains, like I just fixed this for you.

This is a common problem, if you are serving both from and, I suggest applying for * to make sure you have all you bases covered.


Hi Sylvain,

In the Preview Tool, I get what appears to be a broken image. Do you know why this is happening? Here is my code:


Thanks a lot for your help!
It’s working now


This might be an error with our image proxy, are you seeing success with other images?


I made a change so that it renders with meta tags (I think it had something to do with the length of the description, anyway, could be another issue that I don’t mind fighting another time, but please take a look now as this meta will render properly but the URL still shows up as a summary. (Note other URLs did not have the same problem you just had, but in fact had the summyar/photo problem)


Hi Sylvain,

I have tried other images unsuccessfully. If you have a specific image that works, let me know and I put that one on our servers. Our weblogs always show two web requests for that image from Twitterbot: A HTTP 200 followed by an HTTP 406.


Hi Sylvain,

Our submission has approved couple of weeks ago, i see everything is ok on preview tool but still can’t see on twitter post. Can you help please?

Our twitter account;

and meta’s


406 errors are known (and in the process of being fixed). See


Found 2 problems.

  1. Using with the preview tool I get a robots.txt error, check out for info on how to fix this.

  2. was approved but not (because of the error reported in #1).

When your robots.txt error is fixed, re-apply for at and we will review and approve your submission.


@froginthevalley, @Chirpify is already approved and has been using Twitter Photo cards for months. If we want to use Player Cards is it a matter of just updating the meta or do we need additional approval for that?

Noticed that the preview tool shows Player card when testing.



Hi Sylvain

My site supports both http and https. And I have already approved for use twitter card. But it only works on http protocol. Do twitter cards supports https protocol url. If yes, hot active it. Do I need to resend participate form again?


Hi Sylvain,

1 month ago we resubmitted @ZoopShop application for Twitter Player Card after correcting email-notified errors, but have not heard back.

The preview tool shows our Player Card working perfectly. We just re-submitted our application again last week. Can we expect notification regarding our application status within 20 days?



Greetings from, Sylvain.

We have an approved domain. Our cards for video work fine in preview tool and don’t work on the web.

Here’s an example of media:
When the card is generated, it looks like this:

See, video is not available for playing, though in preview tool everything seems to be OK.


Hi Sylvain,

We made changes that you adviced.Now when i try to see preview it gives “Looks like you didn’t provide a fully-qualified URL.” error.

We submitted “” and “” again.

I hope you will approve it soon. Twitter cards is an importent feature for us.

Thanks for your help.