Twitter Cards?!? help


I work for a nonprofit as the social media intern. Their twitter account is not getting enough likes as they want and that is because of the 140 character limit. I just recently heard of Twitter cards, but for the life of me, cannot figure out how to even begin to make one. Do I compose a tweet and make it there? I just want to be able to know how to add website links,photos and videos to Twitter without using a billion characters. The photos/videos that I want to add to Twitter cards are ones directly from their media server. They don’t have website links… I am just very confused and would really like to master this skill. Can anyone help me?


If there are no web links to share, then Twitter cards will not help you. Cards are attached to web links by some markup that gets added to the target pages. If you just want to add images or videos, then upload them directly to Twitter when you Tweet, and they will appear with the Tweet.


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