Twitter cards have stopped working on my site


I received approval for photo and summary cards last year, and they were working fine, but they are now no longer showing up.

The validator is not showing a problem with any of the url’s I’ve tried. (e.g.

Is this a problem at my end or at Twitter’s?


It’s a problem with Twitter’s server or its script. Summary cards stopped working at after May 23. Cards for posts made on or before that date still appear, but no cards show for new posts. The validator rejects ANY url I put into it, claiming “unresolved address”, even for the urls of the old posts for which the cards are still working.


our gallery cards stopped working as well with no changes on our end. I really wish I could find some reason/fix. this is absurd.


We have the same issue with twitter cards for example: the url validates; however, does not show as a twitter card on twitter.


Same problem here since 3 days ago for:
Older cards are working fine. The validator claims: “Invalid card type” even for the old cards which are still working e.g.


The problem continues. The Card Validator is al malfunctioning, eg returns “unresolved address”, which is nonsense.


i get approved but not showing twitter card on my site


can you post a link to your site, and also a link to a tweet which you believe should be showing a card, please? thanks.