Twitter cards have stopped working for my site



Here is the affected site

and the twitter feed

As can be seen in that feed, Blogposts from before Nov 11 2013 are correctly rendered as Twitter cards.
But posts from after that date are not.

Nothing has changed on this side.

Note that it’s, not, which means that the blog is fully hosted on wordpress and that they insert the Twitter Card meta tags automatically. Have checked HTML source for before and after, and the Twitter Card content is unchanged.

Finally, the Twitter Card validator says that everything is valid, and even renders the non-operational blogpost correctly.

Please advise as it does not look like a problem that can be fixed on our side.

thanks & regards


Hi. Found some useful further info by trial-and-error.

If the blog contains multiple images and is of type Gallery, the Twitter cards work & display the
embedded content just fine.



Thanks for the update. Did that answer your question?



no, the current state of affairs is that if the blog post contains 4 or images, everything displays fine
in the Tweet.

but single images - still nothing.