Twitter cards for Blog


Is the an alternate method to add twitter cards to a site. The Blogs on basic cannot modify/add Meta-tags?


We support blogs for cards, test a lin from your site using you will see how it will render. Then apply for your blog at


Unfortunately, do not allow basic Blog users to add Meta-tags (see ; thus, I have no link to test. That’s why I asked whether there is an alternate way.


Twitter Cards are supported by default by, what is your blog address? Paste the link to one of your blog post on and see what happens :slight_smile:


Ah, I see, I think. One of my Blog entries is When submitted the card does display in the test link. Does that mean the meta tags are optional?


Scrap that! I now understand what is happening. is generating the required meta-tag for me. I assumed I would have to add these manually.


Glad it worked for you. Sorry if it was not clear from my first message.


If I have purchased a domain which I have, so my blog is now and not can I still get twitter cards? I’m desperate for them as they make such a difference!


I was having trouble adding Twitter cards to by WordPress Blog, and i finally found the solution here -

We have options to either “Hard code” or add a plugin.


Our website is also a wordpress site. We want to have summery for each of our posts/links without creating/applying for a new card for each post/link. We tried our best but always shows the error “Unable to render card preview” and “Invalid card type.”… Our site is please help us. thanks


Hi, @@froginthevalley our website does not show correct twitter cards.

can you help? it says Fetching the page failed because it’s denied by robots.txt.


You can look here for more info: