Twitter cards for photos not showing on or mobile app


Hi everyone,

My Twitter cards were working fine. My Tumblr blog is whitelisted. But suddenly they have stopped working for photo/gallery posts. The cards for my blog posts (text) work fine. On Twitter there is nothing visible for the cards. On Tweetdeck if you click on the tweet it shows the card.

Could you please advise?

My blog:

A link to the tweet with a photo post:

A link to a tweet with a text post:

Many thanks for your help!



OK, some more info that might provide a clue to the problem I have.

FIRST: I am a layman trying to figure out how to fix this. Apologies for any stupidity –– my knowledge of coding is very limited.

So here’s what I’ve found.

In July 3 Twitter began to deprecate the Photo cards –– exactly the meta I was using: This was the only type of card that allowed an empty title meta: [meta name=“twitter:title” content=""]. The Photo card is now mapped into a summary card with large image: The summary card with large image requires a title and seems not be reacting too well to the empty title meta.

The problem is that Tumblr photos do not allow a title. They have a caption and that’s it.

Could anyone here confirm this is correct and if a solution is planned for this?

Many thanks.