Twitter cards - "Failed to get a proxied URL for the image." - occasional issue - site validated - cards not properly displaying


The site has been validated and approved to use the “summary_large_image” card.
Example URL with meta tags -

When attempting to validate cards - 50% of the time I received a “Failed to get a proxied URL for the image.” image error.

I did manage to validate the card - however when trying to post and display cards - its all pretty hit and miss.

Sometimes the cards show - sometimes they don’t.
Display of image in card is also sporadic.


Same problem here with validated site. Example URL -->

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

Any update on this?

Thanks :slight_smile:


You’ll get the “Failed to get a proxied URL for the image.” error if your image URL has a any underscores “_” it it.

For the look of it image URL can only have letters, numbers, and dashes


If it is due to underscores, then that’s rather daft as a lot of CMS-generated sites use them for uploaded images. Wordpress, for example, does this.


Hmm, I have the same issue. Sometimes I get a green light, sometimes an orange one… Seems to be totally random. Happens on any image it seems, not only ones with ‘_’


Just a thought - but there is there going to be an issue with having on domain ‘approved’ - but the images coming from another domain? For example in my situation - we host all of our inventory imagery with AWS - accessed via another domain.


I can confirm the underscores bug. I’m sure Twitter will fix it soon.


This appears to be a new issue and is only hit or miss as I only started noticing it lately and haven’t changed file naming convention. I’ll validate a link and it will give this error then refresh and everything is fine but no image. Image is on the server and not proxied and loads fine in a browser.


How exactly did you confirm the underscores bug? Just because A bug happens to also show up with images having an underscore in its URL does not mean that the underscore triggers the bug. “Correlation does not equal causation.”

Have you tried it with an image containing no underscores? Repeatedly? Everything else pretty much boils down to superstition and wishful thinking.


I’m pretty certain the underscore bug cannot be confirmed. Its been just as hit and miss with or without underscores. I say this after a huge amount of testing - both posting live links to Twitter - and using the validator.



Do any Twitter employees actually read this forum?