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While playing around for a project, i found a way to embed a slideshow and then thought to build an app around. Don’t know if i should ask for a specific new card type or confirmation to use as player.

I’ve read the do’s & dont’s and try to explain, why i’m concerned or cannot meet the rules, hoping for a ‘fair-use’-allowance :wink:
In the prototype state now, i would like to embed instagram pics & videos, uncached webcam images/videos, slider of square pics (extracted from a CMS), but could build a realtime webapp around, for companies to use (like Google AMP or Facebook Instant Articles).

Test your experience across all Twitter clients, including Twitter’s iPhone and Android apps, as well as and
-> It’s a different, but seamless user-experience for mobiles and on desktop. Depends on device which ‘canvas’ and body would happen. mobile will jump to mobile (landing) website, desktop and is displayed inline, autoplay slider.

Do not:
Respect user privacy -> right now (prototype) is enabled, but for a product i would like to have the possibility to get the users twitter email (sign on twitter on iframe)
All with respect and to be a good partner to Twitter
Do not circumvent the intended use of the Card. Player Cards are reserved for linear audio and video consumption only. -> thats why i wanted to ask for ‘fair-use’ allowance or a new twittercard
Do not require users to sign-in to your experience. -> they dont need to login for the card content, but its possible on the landingpage (twitter:player), out of the iFrame.
Do not attach additional interactivity outside the video or audio player (e.g., banners or non-standard buttons).
-> would display the slider fullscreen 480x480
Do not build end-to-end interactive experiences inside the video or audio player unrelated to Player Card content, such as the following: purchasing, gaming, polling, messaging, and data entry. Instead, build these interactive experiences with our other Card types or enhance your Player Card content with links to your website or mobile application. -> for an extended card, i would like to have kind of ‘micropayment’ enabled. Specific metatags scraped from URL.


Thanks for the question, and it is great to see people continuing to innovate around the platform! However, I do see a few potential issues here, so want to talk you through them.

We have worked hard in the past couple of years to revise the native cards experience for our mobile apps - as part of which we withdrew some of the least-used card types, and refocused on a few more common use cases. There may not be a lot of scope to increase the range of cards at the present time, while we focus on other product experiences and priorities.

Cards are not available to third-party clients, and because we actively experiment with the best user experiences, they may also display differently in own clients from time to time, so custom one-off builds of this kind are generally discouraged because we are less able to anticipate how they would work on different devices and form factors.

I’ve seen a few efforts to bring more real-time content into cards in the past, but they are often complicated by the relatively long cache (7 days) on the cards crawler. Beyond that, based on what you’ve described, the experience you’re talking about sounds interesting and cool, but it would not realistically fit within the intended scope of the player card, so at the moment I’m not sure that it is something that we could accommodate.

I realise that’s a disappointing answer to your questions, but I always strive to be open in these conversations, so let me know if there are additional thoughts to share.


i’ve sent you some DM with links to check.
if the card is not displayed (third-party, etc.) the link is still there and does clicked the same userexperience of the webapp handles mobil or desktop visitors seamless.

would like to know, i could workout more and beautify and probably startup a shareness webapp.
will try to make other networks contents viewable on twitter (instagram,pinterest,facebook,owncloud,etc.) first.

In other words, do i risk my whole account, if i probably walk the edge of the ToS or will you warn me first, before deleting or suspending my account? :wink:


Well, one thing to know is that some of those other companies themselves prohibit their content from being directly viewed on Twitter, so your integration may run into other issues in the future.

I don’t think your account would be suspended for this, but your cards may be un-whitelisted, since they do not conform to the planned use of the player card format.


ok, got it, will setup a developer subdomain, to not risk the rest.
the content on the landingpage (player) is displayed in their own oEmbed widget, but on an owned (company’s brand domain) URL.


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