Twitter Cards error with SSL


The Twitter Cards validator throws the following error on our site: Fetching the page failed due to an internal error.
I checked that meta tags and robots.txt are present and correct. I also checked the file size limits for image and the site.
I think the problem may be related to the SSL certificate. We are using a standard certificate from

Example link


Same problem with this page:

Content is valid, the page is online, but the validator fails and says “Fetching the page failed due to an internal error, debugId: 1409179000-333533”

The TLS certificate is correct, signed by CAcert.


When I load your site in Firefox I get a message that the site is untrusted and the SSL cert is insecure.


The TLS certificate is valid; Google crawls the web site without warnings in the webmaster tools.

The TLS certificate is signed by CAcert. It is possible that you don’t have their root certificates


Chrome and Firefox don’t trust the site for me (yes, it’s possible I don’t have the right certs). I suspect that could be the case with the cards crawler too, though.