Twitter cards dynamic validation and approval via API


I have created a CMS for a client in Ruby on Rails using RefineryCMS. I am going to create an area in the admin section to create twitter cards for each page of the CMS. However, does every single dynamic page with twitter cards meta tags that gets created in the CMS have to go through the twitter cards approval process? If so, is there any way to automate this process through the API?

My client will have hundreds if not thousands of articles on the CMS. Surely they won’t have to submit each and every one of those urls individually for approval, correct?


Hi all,

this seems to answer the previous question :

But I am still wondering if there is some kind of api for the card validator.
It would still be helpful to be able to do it programmatically for me (even if I don’t need to do thousands of requests).

Thanks in advance for the help.