Twitter cards don't work



I’m not a developer, just trying to implement Twitter Cards on my site.

I’m using Yoast Wordpress SEO to add Twitter Cards.

When i use the validator, if i try to validate a single post page, it works.

But when I try to validate the homepage domain it doesn’t work.

Can you help me?



What is the URL of your site? is there cards markup on the homepage domain?


Hi, the address is

It works only when i validate a single post like this::

I used Wordpress SEO, I’m not a developer and I hoped it would work automatically.


Hi Andrea, sorry for the delay…

If you paste your two URLs at (the Cards validator) you will see at the top level you don’t have any valid Twitter Cards markup but on an individual post, you do.

The fields you want to see are twitter:card and twitter:domain etc

I haven’t dug around in the Yoast SEO plugin but there may be a setting to have it applied at the root of your site instead of just on individual posts. Unfortunately we can’t easily support that on our forum here which covers all kinds of Cards issues, you’d need to check with the author.

The good news is - in general for individual posts, cards are correctly setup for your site and should appear in Details view when a link to your site is posted. Your domain is approved for summary cards. All looks good!


Hi Andy and thanks for your time!

So if I understand right, every new post that I will write automatically will have Twitter Cards configured without me doing nothing?


I believe so, yes.


Just checked that on my site: Even the older ones are being processed by Yoast. After all, do twitter cards make sense on root level…?

However, do I need to approve every single post?