Twitter cards don't appear when retweeting articles


Hi, I’ve tried to retweet URLs from news websites several times (usually using the Twitter icon on that website) and it stopped showing an image + title and abstract, only a link. I tried copying the URL to my tweet box and it still doesn’t show an image or abstract. The link was whitelisted and apparently I wasn’t the only one saying there’s a problem. Here’s one example
another example is
if you can’t find something wrong, I’d appreciate advise, maybe something in my settings is wrong.



I just Tweeted a link from your site and the card shows just fine. Do you have Tweet IDs where this is not the case? Note that cards / abstracts only show after the Tweet is posted, not in the Tweet box / composer on the web.


Hi Andy, thanks for replying so fast! What do you mean by Tweet IDs? It’s now working but once in a while we get a link without the picture. Is there anything to do if it happens?


A Tweet ID is the unique long number that appears in the URL when you have clicked through to an individual Tweet. For example, when I posted a link on Friday to test this, it generated this Tweet with ID 863438724482334720 which clearly shows a card.

Sometimes, for a brand new page or article, our Twitter crawler may take a short time (or even a few hours) to generate the card preview. You can usually use the validator to check that your URL should perform correctly.


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