Twitter Cards doc examples do not include required description


I noticed the examples you use on the Twitter Cards documentation do not match your defined requirements.

Photo cards are supposedly required to have a description; the Instagram example does not. You might blank out the title and put the current title as a description instead.

Player cards are supposedly required to have a description; the YouTube example does not.

I think player:stream may be require a HTTPS URL to avoid mixed content in <video> but I don’t see it explicitly specified.


How to use Twitter Cards with ASP.Net MVC3 ? I try like this in _Layout.cshtml:

but I get nothing in Twitter?


What happened to the YouTube example? We’re trying to get our YouTube videos sorted but the HTTPS mixed-content warning requirement is causing us issues.


Hello, i try use the meta how ‘twitter:image’ in my web, for do tweet whith style, but i can’t get nothing and i don’t now why. I insert the metas from the code.
If anybody can help me, send mail to o write the tweet.


After quite a while trying to get the “card preview” page to work, I found that it won’t render the card preview unless the twitter:title value contains a “’” character. Note that this is not the apostrophe(’) or the backtick (`) character. It’s a “right single quotation mark”, unicode #8217. That was pretty annoying.


Please use this thread for support on cards - [node:12866]