Twitter cards do no show up



I have the twitter cards uploaded on an html page ( and the card has been validated “INFO: Page fetched successfully
INFO: 14 metatags were found
INFO: twitter:card = summary_large_image tag found
INFO: Card loaded successfully”

However, when I upload the URL on my tweet the cards do not show up. My InMotions host says that Twitter has access and I have no robots.txt files in my public folder… Where is the problem?


I just Tweeted your URL on my test account and the card looks fine. Can you show me a specific Tweet URL that is not displaying a card that you’re expecting?


First of all, thanks for having a look. I have tweeted the URL and the card works! I am sorry for not having tried before to actually tweet it. However, there is still a problem I am facing. I am trying to create a share button with this Html

<a href=";hashtags=Lolo" target="_blank"><img id="sharebutton" src="../Social media buttons/rounded for elements sharing/twitter.png" alt="Twitter share button"></img></a>

However, the shared page does not include the card, nor the URL. Can you see what I am doing wrong…?


Your URL contains a number of spaces, which you’re then having to encode in the url parameter in the web intent. The web intent does not like this. Remove the spaces from the URL and the share button should work fine. Spaces are very unusual in URLs in general.

For example, this works (try clicking it)

This does not:


Thanks so much, deleting the spaces helped! I did not know this caused a problem with twitter :slight_smile:


Neither did I, until we tried it based on your example! :slight_smile: glad this is working for you now!


I’m happy it turned out well for both of us. Thanks again!! :smiley: