Twitter Cards description/excerpts always changing after 5-10 minutes tweeting the link


My Twitter Cards was approved with summary, photo and summary large photo.
In a few days ago, i’m changing all my post to Twitter Card summary_large_image.

When i tweeting one of my link, its showing great summary large image… But after a few minutes i refresh the Twitter web, my tweet change the Twitter Cards to summary and description/excerpts its to short.

This my example link:
I have view the tag and i think every code is correct to tag Twitter Cards summary large image and description/excerpts its work, not like the Twitter Cards i have been post on Twitter where its to short.
This my Twitter status that posting the link:

Why this could happend? I think Twitter Cards crawl the meta tag, but why the meta tag on my web different with the result when i’m tweeting?
Pease help me… Why this happend… I’m very confusied because every i tweet the link, its showing normal, but after a few minutes… it’s back to broken again.

Please help me…
Sory if my language is bad, im from Indonesia.