Twitter Cards Breaking Twitter Please Help?


Can anyone help me with this who do i contact i have had no response tried adding discussions tweeting support what else can i do to get this fixed?

If i delete all the tweets in my timeline on my ipad with the url for the cards like this then my twitter account starts to work again? but as soon as i try to add another twitter card link it then breaks and i get something went wrong.

if i paste my link into the twitter cards validator it says that my domain is approved see but i have had a email from twitter cards saying i need to re submit it?

I have no idea what is going on i really want to use this functionality waited months for it to be approved and now if anyone shares a twitter card link from audibase like it then also breaks their account please can anyone help with this.

I have no links in my player or share options i have changed my service to serve aac lc compression do not no what else i can do.



Sorry for the trouble. Our engineering team is investigating this issue.

One thing I would try: can you make the robots.txt here return a valid formatted robots.txt?