Twitter cards are not working when scraping the link



Seems to have happened today. Yesterday they were working fine.


Sorry, this actually started happening last night.


Hello. I have this issue too. This function is important to my site as it helps update previously posted tweets if they need to change for legal reasons etc. Anyone know if it is being fixed?



it is not my site that has the problem. It is this which is broken:


What specifically is broken


Hi Andy. When you add a link to validate, you only see half the image and the words are missing:


Hi Andy, apologies for not including a link. This is happening with all links we try to scrape with the developer tool. It’s not that it doesn’t work, but that the preview displays only half the card, so we can’t see the word portion of the card.

With this link, for example, we are only seeing the top half of the preview screen, like so:

This started happening recently after we switched to a new CMS, so I suspect that, but I’m not sure how to fix. Any advice would be appreciated.


We are having the same issues on all of our pages ( - Any idea what is going on?

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