Twitter cards are not showing but validator works



Can someone please help me out a bit. When I use the validator it seems that cards should be shown but I do not see the card in a tweet. I am testing on a desktop but I read something it may differ per device? Is it because I try to twitter about our products, which is depreciated? is an example.
Any help is welcome.


Your cards are working fine. On the desktop you’ll see the link “View summary” in the corner, which you need to click on to see the card. On mobile, the cards are displayed directly in the timeline.


Thank you for your quick respons. I will test on mobile :slight_smile: I use safari and to be honest I cannot find the ‘View sumary’ link yet. I will login to explorer and see if I can find the link there and keep searching on safari.


Found it: Sorry for this and thanks a million!! Have a good weekend!

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