Twitter Cards approved but Cards not showing up



I applied for Twitter card validation for my website (, and received an e-mail from Twitter saying “We’ve activated the summary_large_image card for”

Twitter Card Validator says “* approved” when I enter an URL from my blog, and everything seems ok (everything is green, and card preview shown by Card Validator seems fine), yet photo card doesn’t show up when I tweet something from my blog.

Here is a link to a tweet where photo card should appear but doesn’t :

Please could you help me with this issue ?

Thanks in advance for your help.



Seems to work fine now !
Thanks Twitter ! :slight_smile:


My site got approved, but I’ve tweeted twice since and cards aren’t showing. Here is an example:





I have tried to Validate and it goes through successfully. But cant find the approval link and when i post my blog on twitter i don’t get the expanded card view with image.


Replied on another thread, please avoid asking the same question in multiple places. Closing this out.

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