Twitter Cards Application Rejected in Validator


I’ve made repeated applications to Twitter Cards for my website’s ( Twitter Handle ( however each one of them was invalidated/rejected. Could someone please help?

The website is hosted on WordPress and I use WordPress for SEO by Yoast’s plugin.

Here are step-by-step images for your reference:

(Then tried using a post’s URL)

This is what my administrative information says)

Somebody please help?


I just tried Tweeting a link to an article on your site (the home URL does not work / have valid markup), and summary cards now work since we no longer require whitelisting.


Hi Andy,

Thank you for the update. Could you tell me how to solve the problem with the home URL/valid markup?


I guess that would simply be a setting in your Yoast plugin - currently it is supplying cards markup for the individual articles but not for the home page.