Twitter Cards: Application Recieved?


Appreciate Twitter folks for Cards API and the responses on the Discussion Group (i.e. @froginthevalley & others).

We applied for Twitter Cards in December and again in January (@PaperShare). After reading some requests may not have gone through wanted to check to ensure the request was received (did not want to make the backlog even longer with another request).

Lynn and the folks @PaperShare


It did go thru, you will get an update via email when it’s reviewed (wether it’s approved or you need to fix something).




Same here. I received no notification confirming if the application had been received. I heard the time frame was 2 weeks. So just checking really if ours was went through too.

Many thanks


There is no notification when we receive the application, if you submit the form and you don’t get an error, we have it. Time frame is ideally 2 weeks but more like 4-5 weeks these days.


Yeah swagg 226team