Twitter Cards Application Process



I submitted an app for a while back, but I only support summary cards presently. If I add photo card support later, will I have to reapply?

I can’t remember if I applied for * or not – is that something that can be corrected if I only specified on the application?


I meant to say “… if I only specified” *

Which I then edited using that fancy edit button at the top.


You do not need to re-apply for photo cards, the basic permission is for both summary and photo. Since you applied for, we automatically expand that to *


Thanks again, Sylvaine – I am thrilled to offer this enhanced presentation on Twitter.


Hi, I have been using the Summary Cards just fine.
I tried to use Photo Card (by changing


but it did not work.
Why not?


hai sir , i need to apply for summary card but i searched alote i ddnt get any link for summary application, so pls give me the procees of card application or links


You should do the following:

1.) Add the meta tags to your site
2.) Submit via the validator by URL, here: