Twitter Cards application accepted but Twitter Cards does not show - please check my syntax


Good Morning,
Yesterday my application was processed by my twitter contact person.
She told me that we should now be able to use Twitter Cards.

Unfortunately there is no appearance on the twitter website or iPhone App. Can somebody please check my markup?

See code live:
See Tweet shortened:
See Tweet unshortened:

<meta name="twitter:card" content="summary">
<meta name="twitter:site" content="@QUDAtv">
<meta name="twitter:creator" content="@EdwardBlack">
<meta name="twitter:title" content="Eine Karte des Internets - 350.000 Webseiten und ihre Beziehung zueinander visualisiert -">
<meta name="twitter:description" content="In den ersten Jahren des Internets gab es noch die Idee, das Internet als Landkarte darzustellen. Diese Idee wurde aber mit der Zeit als total unrealistisch verworfen – und trotzdem sind Suchmaschinen wie Google und Yahoo genau aus diesem Gedanken &hellip;">
<meta name="twitter:url" content="">
<meta name='twitter:image' content=''>

Problems that I can imagine:

  • Not the same domain for the picture as for the link (own content delivery network)
  • Picture not httpS://
  • {inseart random error here}

@twitterapi / @froginthevalley / etc.
Please feel free to contact me directly.


Thank you for your interest and patience as we launch our new Twitter cards. We are in the process of slowly rolling out the technology to 100% of users (we are not there yet).

As a Twitter card implementor, we can add your @username to our systems to enable cards for you, for development and debugging purposes. I will contact you directly to request what username(s) you want added.


How can I get the twitter card? I have followed all the instruction here, but non is working
Please Advice


You need to apply for Twitter Cards at Then it takes a few weeks for your submission to be reviewed and approved.


I hope the review process becomes faster. I have requested it for @SavingmoreIn few days ago, checked syntax using Preview tool & all seems to be fine, just waiting for approval.

BTW Do i get a notification when my application is approved or I should keep checking on Twitter manually ?


We send notifications of approval (or rejection, usually because of errors) in batches. Check for yours soon, we have been a bit behind on those. Tweeting a link to your page with the correct meta tags is another way to check if it works.


Hi Sylvain, 40 minutes ago Twitter send me a email tell me my request to Twitter Cards has been approved for, but i can not see the Twitter card in a tweet for this domain or another url like

The twitter card preview tool run perfectly

What can i do?

Thanks :slight_smile:


We’ve got the approval yesterday and we checked before applying on the preview tool and everything is ok and but still not showing on the web or the iPhone app.

Here is one of the links that showed right in preview tool

Can you help please?


We got approved, but we’re not seeing any cards showing up. Could you please check our stuff? Everything works fine on the Preview page, but no cards.



Yesterday we have been approved too, the preview tool show the expected behavior, but in the tweets doesn’t appear the result shown by preview tool, just a normal tweet.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:


In the case of being approved but not having your cards show up, make sure that your application EXACTLY matches the domain you’re sharing cards on, including subdomains.

In many cases, people apply for, when they should have applied for If this is the case, please submit a new application for the www subdomain.


Thanks! It works perfect :slight_smile:



I have applied for Twitter Cards at Also added the required meta tags to my blog. But I haven’t received any mail from twitter for approval yet. When I checked with preview tool then it is showing me the card properly there. How long will it take to get me a notification about confirmation mail?


There’s a lot of inbound requests each day, so sometimes the backlog takes a while to get through. Let us know if it’s been more than a week and you haven’t heard back.



I’ve had the approval email today for several of my sites, but no sign of the cards. I presume this is because I submitted rather than, so will try resubmitting.

Although, as a test, I’ve tried removing the www. from a link and tweeting it, but again no card is generated.

Shouldn’t it have been, if this is what’s causing my issue?




@CameronThomps curious, how long did it take to get approved?


A week or so for the initial approval. I’ve had the resubmitted ones back inside a day, which is great - thanks Twitter!

On resubmitting I used * to hopefully cover all bases with the domain, and it seems to have done the trick.


Dear P1no,

I see that your twitter card application seems to work now. Can you please tell me what additional steps you performed(or not any) after you got approval from twitter. I got approval from twitter for summay and photo card yesterday but still they don’t show up…



good evening,…!


i submitted mine about 2 weeks ago, did you get confirmation when you filled out the initial application? is there a way to check status of application?